Promotion of technologies and competences in Russia

Description of the Service

The Agency, on the instructions of the customer, carries out a range of activities to find partners for the transfer or localization of technology. Activities include the marketing promotion of technology, intergrating it into the Agency's replicable solutions, and holding meetings and negotiations with potential partners. The Service is provided to:

  • to use advanced technology in Russian industries to increase productivity;
  • to develop new high-tech production facilities in Russia.

Prerequisites for cooperation:

  • the customer has a unique technology and is interested in its use in Russia;
  • the customer plans to develop production in Russia in order to manufacture products for the domestic market or for export, and is interested in finding a partner for the project.

Expected results:

  • analysis of the project in terms of novelty, protection of rights to the results of intellectual activity, the complexity of technological implementation, resources, the competitive environment, existing market, technological and regulatory risks and other factors;
  • joint pool of potential partners interested in the transfer or localization of technology;
  • transaction processing, including drafting legally binding documents.

The result of work on this Service can be the starting stage for cooperation in terms of other services, for example:

  • investment project assembly,
  • assistance in acquiring project financing.
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