The search for a technological solution

Description of the Service

As per the Customer's order, the Agency searches for technological solutions and products available for transfer/adaptation. The search is performed both domestically and abroad through the Agency's international partnership network.

The goal of the service is to:

  • search for and select suitable technological solutions and their providers;
  • search for alternatives to existing technological solutions. 

Prerequisites for cooperation:

  • the Customer plans to implement a technological modernization project and is in search of suitable technology to transfer;
  • the Customer is interested in searching for and assessing alternate technology in order to develop certain technological process;
  • the Customer faces technological limitations under the existing production cycle and is interested in debottlenecking through the partial replacement of the technological process.

Expected result:

  • a pool of technological solutions from Russian and foreign partners available for transfer and adaptation;
  • an analysis of selected solutions from the point of view of novelty, protection of intellectual property, availability for licensing, assignment of copyright, complexity of technological implementation, resources, usage potential, competitive environment, existing marketing, technological and regulatory risks, and other factors;
  • estimates of expenses on introducing technology

The work done to provide this service can lead to cooperation in other services. For example:

  • investment project assembly,
  • selection of measures of state support for the project.
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