The Express analysis of production system of the enterprise

Description of the Service

Upon assignment by the customer, the Agency analyzes the production system of the enterprise with the aim of revealing low-efficiency production stages and bottlenecks. The service is provided in order to:

  • evaluate the customer's need for technological modernization,
  • evaluate the customer's ability to integrate new technologies,
  • generate the basic scenarios of the customer's technological development,
  • forecast the customer's development following application of the recommendations made.

Prerequisites for cooperation:

  • the customer devises the development strategy. The change in production technologies used is one of the key components of this strategy;
  • the customer plans to implement the project for technological modernization (to change its business model, technological equipment, production technology). The need for arrangement and management of the project for technological modernization (including, if necessary, organizing R&D, finding partners, equipment selection, etc.);
  • the customer studies the possibilities of alternative use of the available technological equipment or of producing products with new consumer appeal;

The expected result:

  • analysis of the production system of the enterprise;
  • recommendations for overcoming the challenges or overcoming the enterprise's development barriers connected with the production technology change;
  • an action plan for implementation of recommendations (the road map), including recommendations for acquiring new technologies and making use of state support measures.

The result of work on this service can be the starting stage for cooperation in terms of other services, for example:

  • search for a technological solution,
  • representation of the customer's interests in technology transfer transactions
  • putting the investment project together.
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