Aggregation of demand for a technological upgrading project

Description of the Service

Upon assignment by the customer, the Agency interacts with the market participants with the aim of studying and aggregating the demand for certain industrial products that are to be produced by the customer. The service is provided in order to:

  • study the demand for the products in the market, and evaluate the potential market volumes for these products;
  • specify the requirements for the products imposed by potential buyers;
  • evaluate the feasibility of the customer's business model applied to the investment project for technology localization/transfer.

Prerequisites for cooperation:

  • the customer plans to implement a project for technology localization/transfer and is interested in evaluating the market potential;
  • the customer is interested in forming a distribution network or creating redistribution based on the products it intends to produce;
  • the customer is interested in the acquisition of a certain technology and seeks partners for a collective purchase.

The expected result:

  • multi-factor market evaluation, including capacity analysis, sectoral structure and sales territory, requirments for standardization and certification, risk analysis, etc.;
  • a road map of the distribution network development or creating redistribution;
  • a developed database of potential consumers of the products (including information on the motivation of each party).

The result of work on this service can be the starting stage for cooperation in terms of other services, for example:

  • finding research and development partners,
  • representation of the customer's interests in technology transfer transactions
  • putting the investment project together.
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