Technological evaluation of the project (in future, technology and price audit)

Description of the Service

The technology and price audit is a multi-factor analysis of the investment project (both at the design and after the implementation stages) for infrastructure facilities and the company in order to improve its efficiency, and assess the adequacy of previous/planned investments. Expertise includes an analysis of international experience, assessment of the efficiency of the technologies used, verification of the optimal capital and operating costs, and other parameters. The Service includes:

  • an expert evaluation of the project to make a balanced decision on the appropriateness of its implementation (financing);
  • an expert evaluation on the effectiveness of use of funds invested.

Prerequisites for cooperation:

  • the customer (company, financial institution, chief public funds controller) is interested in an expert evaluation of the existing project on technological upgrade / localization in order to optimize the proposed solutions and cost
  • the customer (company, financial institution, chief public funds controller) must assess the effectiveness of the costs incurred

Expected results:

  • a report on the expert evaluation with results of the analysis and recommendations for possible improvements to the project;
  • qualitative improvement of the project through the application of international best practices and reduction of the required costs.

The result of work on this Service can be the starting stage for cooperation in terms of other services, for example:

  • conceptual design,
  • investment project assembly.
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