Mechanical engineering

Russian mechanical engineering is one of the country's main domestic industries. It accounts for approximately 20% of manufacturing production in the country. More than 2 million people are employed in 19 large sub-sectors, from transport to electronics. Russia has about 90 thousand companies of various sizes annually shipping finished products totalling more than 6 tln rubles. This sector of the economy is No. 2 in the structure of domestic exports, second only to minerals. Russia is consistently among the top ten countries producing engineering products.

Nevertheless, Russian companies are currently noticeably behind the leading foreign manufacturers. This applies in particular to precision machining items and mechanisms with high-tech software control. It is an alarming factor that the depreciation of fixed assets in engineering is close to 45%. New prospects for the Russian mechanical engineering industry are aided by the import substitution policy. The localization of technologies, in contrast to imported finished products, can help cultivate all the necessary conditions for the qualitative improvement of the domestic industry.

Examples of industry projects implemented by the Agency of Technological Development:

  • Production of a multilayer rigid film (search for a technological solution, assistance in project financing)
  • Technologically upgraded batch production of forged blanks for artillery gun barrels (technological expertise for the project, search for technological solutions)
  • Development of a technological solution for the thermomechanical processing of sheet metal with a thickness of up to 130 mm, and the deign of a hardening press assembly based on it (search for partners, assistance in financing)

Dmitry Bulavin

Managing Director

In charge of projects in: machinery, petrochemistry and electronic engineering.

Career history: Candidate of Economic Sciences, Director General of the IPOboard site, Managing Director for the global capital market at Schildershoven Finance B.V., has over 20 years of experience in the implementation of large projects in investments and project financing.

Anton Yanovsky

Managing Director

In charge of projects: technological development involving management and the implementation of research and development projects in order to transfer or allocate technology and machinery. Participates in the development of the professional international partner network of the Agency of Technological Development.

Career history: since 2005, Project Director at NPO Russian Technology Transfer Network, Director at NPO Territory Development and Innovative Economy. Successful implementation of a series of international projects in innovative infrastructure development (technology transfer and commercialization): French-Russian Technology Network, English-Russian innovation network, etc., and later integration of RTTN into the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). In 2014–2015, managed a project as a UNIDO expert on the development of a network for technology transfer among BRICS. Over 100 cooperation syndicates with Russian companies have been launched since.