IT and telecommunications

The volume of the Russian telecommunications market has exceeded 1.6 tln rubles. The main share, 55%, is the mobile segment, which has traditionally been the driver of the sector. Companies continue to consistently grow their subscriber base regardless of market conditions. The extremely high competition in the segment has resulted in a situation where Russia has one of the cheapest prices for mobile internet among developed countries. Compared with domestic Russian tariffs, the cost of one data gigabyte is 7 times higher in Great Britain, 6 times higher in South Korea, and 5 times higher in the USA and Germany.

The overall revenue of the 100 largest Russian IT companies exceeds 1 tln rubles. Domestic solutions for the secure processing and storage of data remain popular on the global market. Many Russian companies have become truly global corporations, exporting their technologies and products to dozens of countries around the world. The restrictions on acquiring foreign software by Russian governmental authorities and state companies also supports the segment. But at the same time, information technologies and telecommunications in Russia remain dependent on the global market, and firstly on the import of hardware.

Examples of industry projects implemented by the Agency of Technological Development:

  • Organization of manufacturing devices using 3D face identification (promotion of technologies in Russia, financial support)
  • Underwater navigation and communications system (promotion of technologies in Russia)
  • Localization of manufacturing for video surveillance systems (demand aggregation for the project, selection of governmental support measures)