The pharmaceutical market in Russia is growing at a stably high rate regardless of the economy's performance, with volumes exceeding 1.2 tln rubles. At the same time, three quarters of drugs sold in Russia are imported from abroad. Accordingly, there are only two Russian companies in the top twenty manufacturers of drugs in terms of sales volume. Preferences for Russian manufacturers in the public pharmaceutical procurement system, which accounts for about 25% of the market, are designed to reverse this trend.

Domestic manufacturers are trying to reduce the gap with their foreign counterparts by upgrading production capacities and implementing the generally accepted standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In addition, the share of domestic innovative medicines in the product offerings of Russian companies does not exceed 3%. To increase this indicator, it is necessary to closely study global experience and significantly increase investment in the research and development of new formulas.

Examples of industry projects implemented by the Agency of Technological Development:

  • Development of pharmaceutical production (development of a product strategy, conceptual design)
  • Localization of production for modern insulin finished dosage forms (measures of state support)