Power industry

The electric power sector of the Russian unified energy system includes about 700 power plants with a capacity of more than 5 MW. The total available capacity of power plants, taking into account technologically isolated power systems, exceeds 240 GW, putting Russia in the five largest energy powers in the world. Large distances also dictate the intensive development of the electric grids, and the country has more than 10,700 high voltage transmission lines.

Russian energy companies commission new power facilities in Russia, and also export their competencies abroad, primarily for nuclear power. In addition, domestic wear and tear for generating (primarily thermal) and distribution equipment is high. To maintain competitiveness and reduce costs, Russian energy companies need a large-scale upgrade of their capacities. The key to improving Russia's energy efficiency has the potential to be, as part of this upgrade, the application of the latest developments in distributed generation, renewable energy, smart networks and production process management.

Examples of industry projects implemented by the Agency of Technological Development:

  • The localization of technologies for the production of electric power equipment for high-voltage suppliers / low-voltage consumers (aggregation of demand for the project, financing assistance)
  • Production of fiberglass pipes (financing assistance)

Natalia Pelipenko

Project Manager

In charge of projects in: oil extraction, oil and gas processing, the energy sector (alternative energy sources), chemicals, petrochemical industry.

Career history: MSIIR MFA of Russia, international law (EU law), additional education: The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, expert on the Board for Innovations and Intellectual Property of the Committee for Economic Policy and Business under the State Duma of the Russian Federation, successful site development project management, Deputy Director at the Association of Hi-Tech Technoparks, proven experience in project financing support, as well as in international deals for syndicated lending.