Biotechnologies are a new and actively growing sector in Russia. The usage level of biotechnology products is rather low: for example, only 8.5% of medications on the domestic pharmaceutical market are produced using such technologies. However, the share of biologic drugs on the global pharmaceutical market is over 20%. A similar imbalance can be found in other segments of biotechnological manufacture. Yet in this context, the demand for such products in Russia is expected to grow explosively.

In order to close the gap with global leaders and satisfy domestic demand at the expense of proprietary resources, the "Comprehensive program for biological technology development in the Russian Federation up to 2020" was adopted by the Government with a total alloted amount of 1.2 tln rubles. The strategic purpose of the Government in this area is to achieve 1% GDP of biotechnological product manufacturing in Russia by 2020, and create conditions to increase this level to at least 3% by 2030.

Examples of projects in the sector implemented by the Agency of Technological Development:

Localization of fructan manufacturing in the Russian Federation (financial support for the project)


Elena Ikhsanova

Managing Director

In charge of projects in: Medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, construction, novel materials, agricultural sector, food industry, ecology.

Career history: studied company management at Harvard Business School and commercial law at The University of California in San Diego. Chief Partner at ATEM Capital, Partner of RMI Partners, the management company of the largest joint venture in Russia with the participation of ROSNANO and Domain Associates, an American healthcare venture capital leader. Head of the legal services department for M&A deals at Sistema JSFC. Was a member of the boards of directors of NovaDigm Therapeutics and SyndaxPharmaceuticals.